Everyone in this industry love to talk about the good and bad … But the ONLY thing matter is the outcome. Direct raw words and amazing impressions from their heart expressing the experience of their own.


I had the pleasure of knowing Ramsey in Milan. It was very nice and helpful. He showed me his work and I was very surprised. He is able to give an immensely artistic touch to his shots. His photos express a great visual power. My experience with him has been very positive: he is very professional and the most important thing is that I was immediately at ease with him (particularly important for a good result). In addition to being a good photographer he also has a lot of sense of humor and taking with him is also fun. It’s not easy to find a photographer who can get the best out of those who are in front … I think Ramsey is the photographer we all look for! I look forward to taking you back with you. Thank you Ramsey


I had a very nice time during the shooting wit Ramsey! His personality an the fact that he is very professional explain the final result that it was great! He had everything planed and shooting with his directions was such an easy job! It would be very nice to work with him again asap!


The shooting with Ramsey was simply extraordinary, i’m glad i had the opportunity to shoot with more than once, one better than the other, continually surprassing themselves. 
In all of them learned something important and significant for my career, tips about posing, face and body angles, attitude, expressions, how to manage the energy while the shooting, modelling business in general, honestly one of the best i’ve ever had.
 Such a professional photographer who knows exactly what he wants and the right way to do it, creating a cool climate and connection, making you feel confident, at home and between friends, even at a nude shooting, when sometimes one tends to feel a bit ashamed and insecure. Perfect direction, actually he is what this industry is needing at the moment. Looking foward to shoot with him again, hope we could make it soon, have got the best pictures from him in the last time. Cheers for Ramsey!


Shooting with Ramsey Spencer was a good experience, I had my doubts about the shooting because I did not know much about him, he came to me asking “what do I do with you” so I asked “what do you have in mind”, so we stablished a short conversation about his work, showing me his portfolio at the same time debating ideas, I said okay let’s do it. Next day I got seriously sick I could not make the shooting so I felt bad about it because it was the only day to make it possible, he left the city and came back days later contacting me again, this time I was ready to shoot, we set the time and place, I visited him at his place and we started to talk about many things thats how we connected and, he told me everything about fashion industry, I have to say I have learned enough from him, when we were shooting I just let myself play along following his advices and definitely it was as he always say a “Sick Wrap” if you have the opportunity to shoot with this guy, don’t miss it because is more than a shooting. Thanks Ramsey for the chance. Keep in touch for the next shooting.


The shooting with ramsey was extraordinary . He was professional .He also gave me a lot of advices about my carreer what i need to do for my future. For example he told me to create a good looking book because is really important for my castings . He was informative and also helpful with my pozes . I would love to have a shoot with him again because he is a great guy and i would advice a lot of models to have shooting with him . He is one of the best in his kind


Ramsey Spencer was very professional. He was very informative and gave great direction. I had a great experience working with him and would most definitely shoot with him again. Shooting with a photographer is always a different experience but I can honestly say shooting with Ramsey was a memorable and amazing learning experience. He made me feel very comfortable and safe when I shot with him nude. He is very knowledgeable of this industry behind and also in front of the lens. If you are a model in this industry it would be a very beneficial to you and your career to get the chance to work with Ramsey Spencer.


Shooting with Ramsey was a really nice experience. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I can say that I’ve grown professionally with it. Beyond the great photographs he gave lots of useful advice about the modeling industry and career itself.

With the direction and good atmosphere provided, I felt comfortable in front of the camera and it;s what made the shoot even more productive. Looking forward to shoot with him again.


I had a very nice time during the shooting with Ramsey! I really enyoed to shoot with him, not just because he is a very good and professional photographer but also for his friendly personality. He gave me a lot of good advices, some new things about how to think and act in front of the camera, so he even impeoved my posing skills. Before shooting we went to Duomo in Milan and he bought clothes for shooting and after shooting he gave them to me! He knows what he wants, he has got his own style of shooting and he tried to get the best out of me,  he really knows he’s job! We had great connection, so the shooting was amazing! We made very cool story by pictures. It was my pleasure to work with Ramsey and If I will have the opportunity to shoot with him again.. I will do it without hesitation!


“Working with Ramsey was an absolute pleasure. Got the opportunity to talk with him for an hour prior to shooting, learned some amazing things about him & the industry from his point of view. We shot nude and his direction created a comfortable environment for the shoot, with all pictures turning out spectacular, would definitely shoot again, all the best”


It was my second time with Ramsey so I basically knew what to expect – a great shooting with a true professional. During these two sessions I have learned quite a lot; how to make myself look as its best, different angles and perspectives, and what kind of a connection it needs to get a great outcome. I felt comfortable during the shootings because Ramsey was directing me well and had confidence in me. As an experience the shootings were great, they were kind of casual but still truly professional. I would love to shoot with him again as the outcome of the shooting is brilliant.


Let’s say that ramsey is a good friend,and professional photographer ,after few shooting toghetr!!we had at the first time good connection between his lens and me, He always has been professionAl,teaching and explain always something new good thinks ,advice and suggestion are like the Pryority for him to help the model that he s shooting,he is young and crazy soul so everything is more easy with him !! Keep rock it Ramsino hope to shoot again next time in milano !!!!


Ramsey is the name of the photographer who is quick at shooting, knows exactly how to make you pose and has a clear vision of what he wants to tell with his art. All those ingredients are combined with a pinch of fashion know how. I really enyoed to shoot with him because of the professional attitude he brings in. Nonetheless you will never get the feeling that he do it, because he has to do it, but because he wants to do it. That creates a relaxed atmosphere. I would love to work with him again and having a chat about the modeling industry accompanied by a small break cappuccino.



Shooting with Ramsey Spencer was really amazing. I’m very happy I had the opportunity to shoot with him. he’s very professional. He’s really open minded guy and he really makes you feel unique. I would like to work with him more and more.


Shooting was really funny and the ambient created was interesting so I can say that was a experience that I can make 100 times again. I feel good in front of the camera with him and is support and hope we gonna enjoy this one more time in future. He is professional and react like a professional, so good direction


Shooting with Ramsey Spencer was really unique ! He’s very very professional, really fast to see what kind of material you probably need, and what should be the best for you: talking about the book, the agencies around the world, and of course the right attitude to use in this world. More than a photographer he’s an inspiring person, we also improved an exciting short movie using all the skills on it: face expression, energy and attitude, running, jumping and flying. He’s a really open-minded guy and he really makes you feel unique, as all of us are. Super nice to had the possibility to give my feedback, so i hope i’m making you inspired by this one: simply essential and fun to have a shooting with him.


Shooting with Ramsey is great but not easy. He has always a picture, an idea in his mind and he is trying figure it out with you. If you are listening you can learn a lot! He is a real high fashion photographer and should be a mentor for young/new face models. I leaned, I had fun and i definitely would say yes if he wants to shoot again


I could describe Ramsey Spencer as a professional photographer who can make a shooting special. We made a fantastic work together and we really enjoyed the time we spent on it. He knows exactly how to create a relaxed atmosphere making the best connection between the model and the photographer. This is the most important thing to get the best results, so it´s been an absolute pleasure work with you. I´m extremely grateful to you for giving me this opportunity, hope to meet you again and keep making fantastic shots. Best regards mate!


The Shooting with Ramsey very professional where I learned many about photography, I would like to repeat this incredible experience, we did an external work and internal nude art super professional which had already done a work of genre totally different  always and a pleasure learning new things, I felt Super comfortable in making the work of nudes super professional thank you very much and I hope to photograph again Thank you.


– shooting with Ramsey was great. He is a proffesional. He knows exactly what he is doing. He also let you feel confartable during the shoot.
learn  from him A lot. Too much to tell you.
Very! He gives a lot of information about a lot of important aspects like: posing, moddeling in general, gym, agencies……
shoot again Yes! Great pictures and a nice shoot! So see you soon Mr. Spencer!


I had the opportunity to shoot with Ramsey. I have to say he is great professional. He knows exactly what he wants, so it was a very efficient photo shoot. Ramsey was very helpful versatile because in a couple of hours we made many different styles: editorial, underwear, portrait… I had a great time! Highly recommend Ramsey.


Doing a photoshoot with Ramsey Spencer was a great experience. Professional, inspiring, passionate, are some of the qualities he possesses. I communicated well with him as he was more than helpful to me. Posing came out naturally, he made sure his personal touch be obvious to the viewer. This helped me too, by bringing out the best of me. I felt at ease all the way, even during the nude shooting. I would surely do another photoshoot with Ramsey, it was great fun and a wonderful experience. Thank you


 I remember the shooting, it was a difficult working day for me but this guy made it all seem easy. I could somehow feel his energy and make it my own and that’s how it went. professional All the way!  learn Mostly how to quickly change my facial expressions along with my posture to get the most out of a single shot! was informative Very Helpful.would you shoot again with him I can’t wait for the next photoshooting


I always have a great time shooting with Ramsey. Not only a very good and professional photographer, but also a good friend.
Ramsey is very helpful during the shoots to inform what kind of vibe he is looking for. High fashion, edgy, sporty etc. He is very supportive and positive.
I cant wait to shoot with him again! Pictures always turn out amazing. He really knows the business and are very professional!
He makes you feel very confident and relaxed infront Of the camera. This guy is the best!


What can I say about Mr. Spencer? Not only a professional with a great vision of how see you through his lens but also a funny, warm and a genuine person to know and work with. He kept me on my toes with his precise vision of body angles, lighting, wardrobe and attitude and for that I have the at most respect for him. I would love to shoot with him again!! We also did an implied nude shoot in which I was very comfortable with him. Thank you my friend for the feature in your magazine what a great honour.


It was a rainy day But The shooting was really fast with quality, he has been really professional and he helped me with the right pose and suggesting what was wrong, i’have learned some important tricks for my job, he was a good DIrector and really professional , with the “naked time” too. It was a pleasure the shooting with you, See you for the next shooting Ramsey!


Shooting with Ramsey SPencer
was a professionally pleasant and funny experience. Mr. Spencer made me feel very welcomed and relaxed on his set which eventually leads to the model unveiling his/her true potential
It was an educational experience as Mr Spencer, with his years of expertise and experience and his open-hearted attitude is able to transcend a lot of valuable information concerning topics such as nude photography, castings, books and the overall topic of fashion
The photoshoot itself was very easy and fun as Mr. Spencer fully guides his models to capture the best out of them in a very unexpected and relaxing way. You feel you are doing nothing and then all of a sudden an amazing picture pops up. So cheers to Mr. Spencer
I would definetely shoot with him both for the amazing photos and the easygoing and fun experience of working with Mr. Spencer
Nude shooting with Mr. Spencer is another day at the office. He makes you feel confident that the end result will look amazing and it eventually is. It all strictly professional and even though nude shooting can make us models feel somehow insecure on the set and insecure about the result Mr. Spencer and his professional approach make the insecurities go away. so both can work for the best possible outcome


The shooting with Ramsey was great.It is really professional photographer!!I can learn a lot of position with him cause he explain u what a photo need to be wonderful;also it seems strong when u shoot cause he wanna put out all the best u have inside!!he feel u comfortable,his work is beautiful and I hope to shoot with him again


Shooting with Ramsey was a unique experience.He is very professional and first of all a good photographer
He adviced me as a model about my poses and how to stand infront of the camera
Certainly I would shood with him again and i higly reccomend him


Ramsey is a very profesional and smart photographer! While I was being shooted he made sure that every detail is perfect and on the right spot. During the session Ramsey taught me some new things about how to think and act fast when I’m in front of the camera, so even my posing skills improved a bit!. It was my first nude sesion, but even for a second I wasn’t felling uncomfortable. Once again, Ramsey is a pro in every aspect and I’m definitely up to work more with him in the future!


Ramsey, the most important thing on our shooting wasn’t what we did … But yes what we feel! You are a really great artist I’m telling you that because your concern is capture our soul and our energy! And in my opinion this is the most important thing in one photographer. So just keep going and do what you love.


It was amazing shooting in Milan. This men is so proffesional and also super cool person. He know how get best of u. He pulls out of you the best that many photographers do not know. When they see your body never forgets a face expres. Makes photography special,also nude photos works very professional, that this is not ashamed to be naked in front of him. I hope that we will cooperate again, because it makes you special in photos


way you worked very professional It was a great wrap with Ramsey, we decided to go in Amsterdam and make Some pictures. Great focus, pictures, details and the way he worked. He gave me great advice about the fashion World and from his videos. It was Nice to work with Ramsey and I Will do it again the


– it was not my first shooting, but maybe the first professional and funny shooting in my life. Really good connection with you. I liked when you was patient, when you talk time you explain me what you Want.
– yes ! I learnt a lot with him, like lot of position to take, to be professional, to be less shy than before ! If I continu like a model I will use all what he thought me ! And I will like to continue, I know he will help me to make my dreams come true.
– of course I want to shoot again with him. Before I met him, he was only a photographer, but now he is a good friend. If I have the opportunity to shoot again with him I will do it without hesitation.


Shooting with you was a good experience because i didt know alot yet because i just started! You gave me good directions and made me feel comfortable! I would definitely shoot again with u, because it was a fun day and you maked some sick shots


Shooting with Ramsey was professional. He knows what he wants, he has got his own style of shooting and he tried to get the best out of me. I did not have many experiences with modeling industry so after shooting we had a coffee where Ramsey told me many thing about modeling and gave me some good advices. I would shoot with Ramsey once again but only if he gave me photos in time, not one year after shooting.


I did enjoyed shooting with Ramsey. It was my first time i actually posed for a professional photographer. He made it so easy for me, having courtesy and patience. I think he is one of a kind. Ramsey, many thanks and i hope we meet again for another shooting. Thank you, it was an honor for me.


Shooting with Ramsey was good experience. Back then it was my first nude shooting, but Mr. Spencer was very helpful. His attitude creates very friendly environment, which helps me to get in the”zone”. Overall very good experience. I would definitely shoot with him again. Cheers ?


It was a very great experience working with Ramssina”Ramsey” he is a very unique persona and a very kind man, Ramsey is a very professional in a every single way, he knows he’s job, he lives the fashion, he knows the looks. He can be pretty tuff sometimes, but in general he is a very comfortable to work with. He can take one model and turn him in lots of different personas. I was honored to be one of he’s choces as a model and I’m looking forward to work with him again!!!


Shooting with Ramsey is great but not easy. He has always a picture, an idea in his mind and he is trying figure it out with you. If you are listening you can learn a lot! He is a real high fashion photographer and should be a mentor for young/new face models. I leaned, I had fun and i definitely would say yes if he wants to shoot again


1)The shooting with Ramsey was amazing
2)so professional
3)I learned too much from Ramsey, he is very expert
6)I hope to work again whit him
Experience very interesting


I think ramsey spencer is a great photographer, He knows how Make you strong and sure on the Camera…really kind person and professional Yes of course i will shooting again with mr Spencer!


Il set fotografico è stato professionale, ho imparato abbastanza nel sapermi muovere davanti l’obbiettivo.


The shooting was great!, rams is very capable and professional ph. he has learned me to pose according to mood.. so cool! i’m a rising model(i hope so ? )and he helped me to much .in the future i’ll surely shoot with him!


shooting Nice professional Yes to much for me did learn Correct Position for picture was informative  Yes good direction Yes would you shoot again with him
VERYNICE experience great pics and He is good person not just a fotografer it’s real true friend! A little bit stolker sometime?


My experience with Ramsey was very good! He was very professional and even though I had shooting only few times in my life and I have not experiences, he helped me to be comfortable, telling me also what I had to do.
Of course I will shoot again with him if there will be the occasion!


The shooting was professional, I learnt more dynamic posing. It was very fast and concrete. I think Ramsey has very good feeling about shooting physics. I’d work with him again!


The shoot was great we had a lot of fun! i felt so comfortable.Nude was great and we had alot of fun.Gave me a super good feeling postive during the whole shoot, never shot like this before, we had great connection like crazy one , so much fun, I dont like normal shooting.I love quick shoots, directions and movements. zack zack…So it wasn’t boring at all. Great to see the results! Amazing shots.
Excited to shoot again with you.


My experience with Ramsey was very good, his has this way to catch the best from you and in a very professional way, my guess is because he is very genuine what he does. I learned a lot from him, how to behave in front of the camera, looking on the details and giving you the best direction.


Professional for sure
Informative also combined with direction about the next steps
And of course i would shoot with you again


it was sick wrap!! hahah Shooting with Ramsey was great. He is so professional and work with him was very easy and he made that I m feel comfortable. He gave me a many useful advices for modeling and shooting also. I hope that we will see again, because first of all he is a good person and make some new photos because he is excellent photographer.


Hi, I am Thijs Latten. I did a shoot with Ramsey Spencer a few weeks ago. It was a very nice shoot. We went through Amsterdam in search for nice places to make the pictures. I noticed that Ramsey is very creative in finding new and interesting spots for the photos. I also noticed that Ramsey is an experienced photographer and knows a lot about the modeling business. He gave me a lot of use full tips. The photos turned out great! Thanks!


Shooting with Ramsey was really professional and he taught me a lot about modelling and model industry. If I have the opportunity I will shoot with him again any time! He greatly improved my book and helped me sort some bad pictures out too.


Working with Ramsey was lot of fun, he’s a super professional and laid back person

He’s a really nice , a photographer helping you to be confortable in front of the camera

He definitely knows what he’s doing which makes things lot easier and fast

I would shoot again definitely, was a great moment and good experience


Shooting with Ramsey, it was one of my first shoots and I got a real professional vibe from him. Before the we worked together we skyped for a while, this made me a lot more comfortable during the shoot. Luckily we also had a lot of fun, joking around and finding places in Amsterdam. I realize have never been in that many different locations during one shoot.